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Craft On Technique: Forward Knot

How to tie our Craft On Technique: Forward Knot Step 1: Take string 1 (pink) and cross over string 2 (yellow) forming a number 4 Step 2:...

Tracy's Craft On Tip

Craft On Tip Before beginning any bracelet measure 4 inches from the top of your string and tie an Overhand Knot


Here are a few examples of Braided Bracelets

Craft On Technique: Braiding

Braiding is a great technique to use to make bracelets. Make an Overhand Knot* and braid about 9-10" down, then add another Overhand...

Craft On Technique: Overhand Knot

At the beginning and end of every friendship bracelet is an overhand knot. So, I think it is important to go over the Overhand Knot...

Tracy's 'Craft On' Tip

Now that we have mastered the Girth Hitch Knot, and have made many several Yarn Paperclip Bookmarks we are almost ready to learn our next...

Girth Hitch Knot

Here are a few projects I made using only the Girth Hitch Knot.

Tracy's 'Craft On' Tip

Do you have strings that won't lay in place? Folding, twisting? To tame those loose strings try using Stiffening Spray. If you don't...

Allow me to introduce myself...

Hello, my name is Tracy, and I am the creator of Craft On with Tracy, I am also a wife and Mother. I love to get my Craft On, any chance...

Meeting our Hostess, Tracy

This is Tracy, she is the paper doll version of my younger-self. She will be our Hostess while we get our Craft On. She will also be...

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