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Tracy's 'Craft On' Tip

Now that we have mastered the Girth Hitch Knot, and have made many several Yarn Paperclip Bookmarks we are almost ready to learn our next 'Craft On' Technique, but before we do, I have another 'Craft On' Tip for you.

When making Friendship Bracelets, you will need a flat surface, and some way of holding your strings in place. There are tons of different ways to accomplish this. You can tape the strings down to your hard surface, you can use a clip board, you can even use a safety pin and pin the strings to your pant leg. For me the best tool I have found for this job are Bulldog Clips. A Bulldog Clip is a device for temporarily binding sheets of paper together. For me, however, a Bulldog Clip is the perfect solution for holding your strings down. If you fall in love with making friendship bracelets, like I did, these clips are a great investment.

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